Due to Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Sports Lab is now offering Video Consultations ( telehealth ) to its clients, in addition to our usual in clinic services!

Consistency of care and patient/practitioner safety is first and foremost in our minds. Video Consults (Telehealth) is an effective way to provide Physiotherapy services to people who are otherwise unable to get into the clinic for a face to face consult.

Video Consults have shown near perfect agreement with face to face consults in the diagnostic and management decisions relating to patients with lumbar spine, knee and shoulder pain, Cottrell (2018). Pastora-Bernal (2017) showed in a systematic review, found strong evidence in favour of
Video Consults in patients following total knee and hip arthroplasty. The effectiveness of Video Consults in other body regions in is yet to be researched to an adequate standard however it would be reasonable to think these results could be extrapolated to provide good outcome also!

We appreciate patients will be unfamiliar with Video Consults. This is how they can be beneficial;.
1. Video Consults have been shown to be as effective as face to face treatment
2. Your Physio will be able to:
-diagnose your injury
-Educate you about the mechanics of how it occurred
-refer to specialists if required
-refer for imaging if required
-Provide advice on activities to avoid
-Provide rehabilitation exercises, stretches, advice on
heat/ ice
-Check technique of certain exercises or stretches.
3. We cannot provide manual therapy. However, your Physio can show you self-massage and treatment techniques to ease your pain and stiffness.

What you Need
What you need for your Sports Lab Video Consultation. Don’t worry… If you aren’t tech savvy, we can help you get setup. The setup is easy and only takes about 5 minutes. You will need:

  • Internet
  • A device (computer/phone/tablet) with a working video camera, sound & microphone
  • Physitrack software downloaded (FREE)
  • Ear buds & voice piece (if possible, but not essential)
  • Patients should wear comfortable clothing which allows exposure of the injured body part eg. Singlet, short

Make your booking now! Appointments can be made via phone with reception at ANY Sports Lab clinic.


We liaise closely with a network of GP’s, Sports Physicians and Orthopaedic Surgeons and pride ourselves in referring complex cases to the appropriate practitioner for the required imaging or neurological testing. This gives the best chance for the most accurate diagnosis for your injury and prevents extended months of treatment in the absence of a definitive pathology or diagnosis. Our aim is to treat the cause of your injury, not just the symptoms.

Customised exercise programs are developed for all patients with ample time for demonstration of exercise technique and education of the physiology of injury healing. We are able to use video analysis (when appropriate) for diagnosis and exercise demonstration and utilise the new ‘e physio’ program to deliver customised exercise programs.


Video Consultations

The Importance of Video Consults

During this unprecedented crisis due to Covid-19, lots of us are self isolating because we want to or have to, or maybe we are just high risk. As many of us as possible are working from home to help reduce the spread, and the best way we can support that is through Video Consults. The reality is that even though we are all very focussed (as we should be) on this virus, day to day problems still exist.  Even though all elective surgeries have been cancelled, necessary surgeries are still happening. And usually when you have a surgery, a physiotherapist is still required at some point… and we are still here to help any way that we can.

We are still asking clients to come into our clinics if they are healthy and able.  We have stepped up all of our procedures on hygiene, and are maintaining a safe environment.  This aspect of our business is still essential because there will always be some things that cannot be treated in a video consult.  However, those that are really just needing a follow up consult, or may have something they are concerned about and just need some quick advice, or for those who really are just too high risk….video consult are ideal.  Video consult can be effective for the following:

  • Professional assessment and remote treatment of spinal and limb conditions
  • Rehabilitation programs following injury or surgery
  • Sports injury management
  • Specialised assessment and management of back and neck problems
  • Chest and respiratory physiotherapy
  • Flexibility programs

Cottrell, M. et.al. Agreement between telehealth and in-person assessment of patients with chronic musculoskeletal conditions presenting to an advanced-practice physiotherapy screening clinic. Musculoskeletal Science and Practice 38 (2018) 99–105.
Pastora-Bernal, J. et.al. Evidence of Benefit of Telerehabitation After Orthopedic Surgery: A Systematic Review. J Med Internet Res (2017), vol. 19, iss. 4, e142, p. 1

Above and beyond

All Sports Lab physiotherapists and most of our other allied health team have completed the Covid-19 Infection Control Training Course. We are staying informed via all of the health advisement channels and will continue to do everything that we can to help our community. We are in this together and will get through this together.

Where can you find more information?

We advise all members to visit the NSW Health COVID-19 & Australian Dept of Health & World Health Organisation for updates and information. These pages are updated at least daily.

In particular, the FAQ section of the website has answers to common questions that members may want guidance on – such as work, travel and school arrangements and questions regarding home isolation.

“You can still connect when you’re practicing social distancing — just in a different way.”

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