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Stretching, Strengthening, Core, Mobility are all words that are associated with our exercise and Pilates sessions at Sports Lab. We have a range of options available to you in all our clinics. See below and follow the links for more information.

We now also offer online classes!

So if you cannot come into the studio due to self isolation, we can still guide you…at home. Call now to book an online class or video consultation!



Recent changes to health insurance rebates, made by the Department of Health, removed ‘Pilates’ from the list of rebatable treatments. However Pilates-informed exercise run by Physiotherapists continue to be included. If you have attended Pilates at Sports Lab previously nothing will change. Our sessions that were run by Physio’s will continue to be evidence based and combine outcome measures and exercises that are specific to your needs. These are called Strength and Core sessions.

We have also introduced sessions run by Pilates instructors at Drummoyne and Alexandria, please see below for more information.

What are

Clinical Exercise/Strength & Core Sessions?

Clinical exercise is a personalised and specific program designed by a Physiotherapist.

It is beneficial for people needing assistance to progress their exercises post injury, stretch out their body, activate deep core muscles, and/or recover from injury.

We have named these sessions ‘Strength and Core’.

An initial 1:1 assessment is required with a Physiotherapist to create an individualised program for you.

The Physiotherapist will then work out what you need to focus on, and, in conjunction with you develop a treatment plan to help you reach your goals.

You will then have the option of continuing with 1:1, small group or joining a mat or equipment class (no classes in the CBD clinic).

Our sessions can include floor-based exercises, reformer, cadillac, wunda chair, resistance bands and weights.

To learn more about Clinical Exercise and Strength & Core Classes visit our Physiotherapy section.

What is Pilates?

Pilates was developed in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates and over the years has proven to be a superior exercise system that allows each and every one of us to explore the benefits of increased flexibility, strength and centering. It is excellent for releasing tension and stress from the body as well as rebalancing muscles to prevent pain and injury. Over time, you gain knowledge and awareness of your body’s capabilities, developing a mindful, educated approach to exercise, creating balance and freedom of movement for your body.

Focused around the benefits of a strong abdominal area, Pilates helps to achieve a stable and grounded base from which your body can move freely.

We have increased our services in Alexandria, Drummoyne & Double Bay. These small group classes (Drummoyne only), semi-private and 1:1 are run by Pilates qualified therapists with lots of experience and include both mat and equipment based exercises.

PILATES ALEXANDRIA – Jacqui Brydson & Courtney Horton

PILATES DRUMMOYNE – Courtney Horton & Alison Ferris



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Sports Lab - Drummoyne Pilates & Exercise

Please NOTE: We have moved our Drummoyne PILATES & EXERCISE studio just around the corner from our practice to give our clients more privacy and space for their exercise classes. The Pilates Studio is now located in the Odeon Building, Suite 1.14, 50-52 Lyons Road Drummoyne. You can park on Formosa St and walk across Lyons rd to the studio or you can park in Odeon building carpark (IGA carpark).

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