Movement Check

Are you starting a new gym routine? Or maybe working out but experiencing pain that doesn’t seem normal? Visit one of our chiros or physios for a Movement Check-Up! The aim of this assessment is to:

  • KNOWLEDGE: know your body better and what you’re capable of
  • PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT:  assessment and knowledge can help you exercise optimally
  • INJURY PREVENTION: prevention is key to any long-term activity

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Who should you book with? Currently, Luke Ross is our primary chiro specifically conducting gym member’s movement check-ups.  However, you are welcome to book with any of our chiros or physios and request a movement check-up.

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 Integrated System

Physiotherapy at Sports Lab also offers the opportunity for our unique integrated assessment and treatment system. In this system, patients have the option to be assessed (at the same time) by Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Muscle Therapy and Podiatry, in the one extra long session. Treatment is then based on consensus between therapists for the optimal result.

Disciplines at Sports Lab

Our integrated service disciplines are able to cover all of your health care needs, and are outlined below:

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