Privacy Policy

Sports Lab is bound by the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act (1998) and the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act (1998) and Health Records and Information Privacy Act (2002) and operates in accordance with the Code of Conduct of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Any information that Sports Lab collects is exclusively for the purposes of:

  • Obtaining the details that we are required to have to treat our clients.
  • Requests or questions you submit to us via forms or email (ie. support forms, promotions, and user research particiaption forms)
  • Your communications and dealing with us
  • Uploads and posts to Sports Lab’s social media channels
  • Requests for client enquiries and support.

Information from & about you

The types of information we collect depends on the Services you use, how you use them and what you choose to provide. The types o data we collect directly from you may include: Name, address, phone number and email address. We do NOT collect payment details online for security reasons.