Podiatry FAQs


At Sports Lab we utilise the latest in computer manufactured custom orthoses Sports Lab Podiatrists aim for your new orthoses to last for years and hundreds of kilometers no matter what your sport.

How do I wear in my new orthoses?

We recommend that when you wear in your new orthoses gradually. The Sports Lab podiatrists advise to wear the orthoses for 1 hour the first day and increase by 1 hour each day after that (casual wear).

In circumstances minor discomfort may be experienced initially but after one week you should be wearing your orthoses comfortably for the majority of the day and the you can commence sporting activities.

Should I feel pain or discomfort whilst wearing my new orthoses?

If you have followed the Orthoses protocol and after a week your pain persists or intensifies you should immediately remove your orthoses and contact your Sports Lab Podiatrist immediately.

Will I need new shoes for my Sports Lab orthoses?

Defromed or excessively worn shoes should not be worn with your orthoses as they may decrease the effectiveness of the devices. Good quality footwear are as important as your orthoses when trying to stabilize foot position. Your Sports Lab podiatrist can advise you of the right shoe for your foot type.

If when inserting your orthotic devices in your footwear the shoes feel tight and the feet cramped, extra depth can be obtained by removing the footwears insole.

Can I clean my custom orthoses?

Yes! your orthoses can be cleaned with a damp sponge and deodorants such as ‘Orange Power, Oust 2 in 1 or Glen 20’ can be used to eliminate bacteria, fungus and odors .

Never immerse your orthoses in water or put them in the washing machine or dry them in the dryer, microwave or oven. Do not leave them in the sun or expose them to direct sunlight !

Is there a guarantee with Sports Lab orthoses?

Yes! At Sports Lab, your podiatrists guarantee against the polypropylene shell breaking under normal wearing conditions for 12 months from the initial fitting. If during normal use your orthoses crack, delaminate or unglue we will fix or replace them free of charge. Our orthoses top covers also come with a 6 month guarantee against tearing or ungluing. Any appointment regarding your orthoses within 6 months of their prescription is also complimentary, unless you do not attend an allocated consultation.