Our Directors

Sports Lab’s Directors are also actively practicing senior physiotherapists in the company. Each member of our senior team have high level credentials, are actively involved with teams, contribute to organisations in their area of specialty and are highly regarded by their peers and industry.

Tom Brydson
APA Sports Physiotherapist B.App Sc (Physio), M. Physio (Sports) ::Alexandria
David Pugh
APA Sports Physiotherapist B.Sc, B.App Sc (Physio), M. Physio (Sports), NSWIS Accredited Physio ::Drummoyne :: Double Bay
Matt McCutcheon
APA Sports Physiotherapist B.Physio, G.Cert (Sports Physio), M. SportsPhysio ::Sydney CBD
Alison Ferris
Physiotherapist B.App Sc (Physio) ::Drummoyne

Our Team

Sports Lab is truly lucky to have an all-star team of professionals!  Everyone that works at Sports Lab is well regarded in their field, are fully certified and are involved in on-going education and work with teams and organisations.

Maria AnagnostouAPA Sports Physiotherapist
APA Sports Physiotherapist BHSci, MPhty(GE), MPhty(Sports) :: Sydney CBD 
Debbie BellPhysiotherapist
Paediatric Physiotherapist B.Physio ::Drummoyne
Jacqui BrydsonPhysiotherapist
B.App Sc (Physio) ::Alexandria
David BurtPhysiotherapist
 Physiotherapist BHM, DPT ::Alexandria ::West Ryde
Jess CassidyPhysiotherapist
Physiotherapist B.App Sc (Physio) ::Alexandria
David CohenAPA MSK Physiotherapist
APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist B.App.Sci (Physio), M.Phty (MSK Physiotherapy) ::Double Bay ::Alexandria
Helen GibsonPhysiotherapist
Physiotherapist B.AppSc (PHTY) ::Sydney CBD
Courtney HortonPhysiotherapist
Physiotherapist B.AppSc (PHTY) ::Alexandria ::Drummoyne
Dave Johnson, physiotherapist
Dave JohnsonPhysiotherapist
Physiotherapist DPT, BAppSc (Ex&SpSc) ::Sydney CBD ::West Ryde
Bec McDonaldPhysiotherapist
Paediatric Physiotherapist B.App Sc (Physio) ::Drummoyne
Matt McFadden, physiotherapist
Matt McFaddenPhysiotherapist
B.App Sc (Physio), MPH, APAM ::Alexandria ::Drummoyne
Zac Moukaddem, physiotherapist
Zac Moukaddem Physiotherapist
Physiotherapist, B.ExSc, DPT ::Double Bay ::Drummoyne
Naz Norian Physiotherapist
BSc(phys),GCSpMed, Pilates ::Drummoyne ::Double Bay
Chrissy OuzasPhysiotherapist
Physiotherapist MPhty, BAppSci(Ex Phys) Hons
:: East Sydney Hospital
Keiran Qaium, physiotherapist
Keiran QaiumPhysiotherapist
Physiotherapist ::Drummoyne ::East Sydney 
Nicola SchiePhysiotherapist
Physiotherapist MSc physiotherapy (sport & exercise) BSc (hons) physiotherapy  :: Double Bay
Claire ShieldPhysiotherapist
Physiotherapist BSc(Physio) :: Sydney CBD :: Double Bay
Caitlin SinclairPhysiotherapist
Physiotherapist MPhty, BAppSc(Ex&SpSc)  ::Drummoyne ::East Sydney Hospital
Clare WalshAPA Sports Physiotherapist
APA Sports Physiotherapist GradDip(Sports Physio), BAppSc(Physio), MHSci(Sports Physio) :: Alexandria :: Drummoyne

Matt FernandezChiropractor & Exercise Physiologist
B.SpSc, M.Chiro :: Drummoyne
Andrew McHardyChiropractor
B.MedSc, M.Chiro, D.Phil :: Drummoyne
Gabi FransmanChiropractor
B.Chiro Sc, M.Chiro ::Double Bay
Luke Ross, Chiropractor
Luke RossChiropractor
Greg Sher, Chiropractor
Greg SherChiropractor
M.Chiro ::Double Bay
Luke Veverka, Chiropractor
Luke VeverkaChiropractor

Peter Casey, Exercise Physiologist
Peter CaseyExercise Physiologist
BSc Ex. & Health Science, BSc Ex. Rehab. :: Alexandria
John Quinn, Exercise Physiologist
John QuinnSports & Exercise Physiologist
B.SpSci, M.Sci, Tech (OHS) :: Alexandria

Jenny Dela CruzMassage Therapist
Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist Dip.RM ::Drummoyne ::Sydney CBD
Phillip Donaldson, massage therapist
Phillip DonaldsonMassage Therapist
Remedial Massage Therapist Dip.RM ::Drummoyne ::Sydney CBD  
Juliana Escobar, massage therapist
Juliana Escobar Massage Therapist
Remedial Massage Therapist Dip.RM  ::Double Bay ::Alexandria
Ana Giorgio, massage therapist
Ana GiorgioMassage Therapist
Remedial Massage Therapist Dip.RM, AMT 1-5942 ::Sydney CBD ::Drummoyne  
Nicole GunzburgMassage Therapist
Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist B.Sc(Ex&SpSc), Dip.RM, AAMT 35110 ::Drummoyne ::Alexandria
Ami Matsuo, massage therapist
Ami MatsuoMassage Therapist
Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist Dip.RM, AAMT 00035509 ::Drummoyne ::Alexandria
Jen McCourt, massage therapist
Jen McCourtMassage Therapist
Remedial Massage Therapist Dip.RM  ::Alexandria
Daniel Nolan, massage therapist
Daniel NolanMassage Therapist
Remedial Massage Therapist Dip.RM ::Alexandria ::Double Bay ::Sydney CBD  

Shannon Hurvitz, Podiatrist
Shannon HurvitzPodiatry
B.HlthSc, Master Podiatric Med (UWS), M.A. Pod.A (NSW) ::Double Bay
Russell Stokes, Podiatrist
Russell StokesPodiatry
Podiatrist ::Double Bay ::Alexandria ::Beaumont Hills
Sam Towers, Podiatrist
Sam TowersPodiatry
Podiatrist ::Sydney CBD

Robynne Jeftha, Dietetics
Robynne JefthaDietetics
Accredited Practising Dietician  ::Alexandria ::Sydney CBD

Dr Candice QuinnPsychologist
Psychologist & Personal Coach ::Sydney CBD

Our Specialists

Orthopaedic Surgeon
Simon Tan
Associate Professor & Orthopaedic Surgeon M.B.B.S,(Hons) BSc (med), F.R.A.C.S(Orth) ::Sports Lab Alexandria ::St Vincent’s Sportsmed ::St Vincent’s Day Surgery Unit ::St Vincent’s Private Hospital ::St Vincent’s Public Hospital ::St Lukes Hospital  
Sport and Exercise Physician
David Samra
Sport and Exercise Physician MB BS (Hons), B.App Sc (Physio), Dip. Massage (Sports), EM Cert (RPA) ::Sports Lab Alexandria :: Sports Lab Drummoyne ::St Vincent’s Sportsmed

Our Support Staff

Dawn Pugh Operations & Strategy Manager
Operations Manager B.Sc, AssocDegBus, AssocDegLang
Keren Morley Accounts Manager
Accounts for CBD, Drummoyne, Double Bay and Alexandria
Tori ThompsonRoster Coordinator
 Roster Coordinator BHlthSci(Human Movement), MClinicalExPhysiol(Rehab), MHighPerform (Sport), Cert IV Fitness  
Joan QuinnReception & Reception Roster Manager
Reception – Double Bay 

Tori EvansReception
Reception – CBD & Double Bay
Karen HaleReception
 Reception – Alexandria & Drummoyne
Marie PetersonReception
 Reception – Alexandria
Talia PetersonReception
Reception – Alexandria
Anneliese ReenReception
Reception – Drummoyne
Alexandra TangReception
Reception – Drummoyne

“One man can be a crucial ingredient to a team, but one man cannot make a team.”

By Kareem Abdul-Jabbar